The Viola Commissioning Circle
Viola Commissioning Circle

There are three essential elements for a successful commission of new music:


First, there must be a composer inspired to write a piece – established composers are busy and have a backlog of commissions stretching over several years, so can pick and choose what they write and for whom. Most composers prefer to write for a particular musician and will have their sound and technique in mind when developing the piece.


Second, a performer with sufficient public recognition who will collaborate with the composer during the composition process, in particular with regard to technical issues, and who undertakes to perform the piece.

Co-commissioners, broadcasters and recording companies

Third, an orchestra, concert hall, music festival or ensemble who will co-commission the piece and ensure it will receive public performance. Nowadays, it is commonplace for more than one such organisation to share the commissioning cost and provide multiple opportunities for premiere performances in different venues and countries. This makes the proposition more attractive to both composer and premiere performer, who will not wish to learn a possibly technically challenging piece for a single performance. We shall also look for opportunities for the broadcast and recording of pieces commissioned.

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